Pitchandikulam Forest

Pitchandikulam Forest is one of the several replanted forests of Auroville, an international township inaugurated in 1968, inspired by Sri Aurobindo's philosophy and founded by the Mother (Mira Alfassa) in accordance with her dream of human unity. The dry and eroded plateau where the first Aurovilians settled turned from dusty red to green.

Pitchandikulam Forest was born in 1973. Plantations and restoration of the soil began in a sterile landscape with little to no information regarding the species that could be introduced successfully. After early failures, the biological productive capacity of the land was restored with no more than people’s energy and a bullock cart. Seedlings were introduced from the remnant patches of the almost extinct local forest into the increasingly shaded land. Nurseries were started to propagate local plant species.

Today Pitchandikulam Forest is a 60 acres, self-generating forest with a large diversity of flora (about 350 species of trees, shrubs and climbers) and fauna.

Over the years Pitchandikulam Forest grew into a wide organization that launches several projects in the fields of reforestation, medicinal plants, environmental education programs, social ecology, informative and naturalistic art.

Please visit its website > www.pitchandikulamforest.org
Pitchandikulam forest canopy
Pitchandikulam Forest canopy