Sterculia foetida L. Main specimen
{ Reproduction & Dispersal }

  • Sex distribution :
    Sterculia foetida is andromonoecious : it has both bisexual and male flowers on the same plant.
  • Mode of pollination :
    Sterculia foetida is pollinated by a wide variety of insects.
  • Seed dispersal :
    Mechanical dispersal : barochory (dispersal of seeds by gravity), self-propagation.
    The seeds disperse from the fruits and germinate on sites with favourable conditions : the ripe dry fruits open to release the seeds.
  • Sterculia foetida male (left side) and bisexual flowers (right side)
    Sterculia foetida flower reproductive structures (bisexual on the left side and male on the right)
    Sterculia foetida bisexual flower reproductive structures
    Sterculia foetida male flower reproductive structures (stamens)